Flat roof repairs

Flat roof repairs

Flat Roof Repairs In Walsall Area You Can Trust

Flat roofs are the most common roofing finish to a home extension project. It’s easy to understand why: Homeowners can gain a tonne of space. Besides, with the adequate structure, you can also use your flat roof as a balcony.
However, while a popular choice, the flat surface can hinder water flow, which means that homeowners are more likely to need flat roof repairs.
How can you tell whether your flat roof needs fixing? Here is a quick overview of the signs to check for and the most common challenges that your home will face with a flat roof.
What are the challenges with flat roofs?
Unlike a span roof – the traditional roof design shaped like an inverted V –, your flat roof doesn’t offer a natural escape route for water. As a result, the most common flat roof repairs focus on water-related issues:
Watermarks in the roof surface or the ceiling indicate infiltration
Formation of a pond of water on the surface as the roof fails to provide a way out for the water
The roof doesn’t have enough gradient for the water to flow
Cracks at corners and joints can happen when waterproof layers dry out
Puncture in the surface of the roof creates leaks
The presence of vegetation on the roof such as moss and lichen indicates a water build-up in or underneath the surface
The presence of debris on the surface prevents water flow

But homeowners also experience problems with the surface itself as a result of faulty installation or independent movements:
Bubble in the surface where the material could burst
Rusted or missing nails that create an access point for water
Stretched out roof as a result of shifts in the building or the ground

When do you need flat roof repairs?
As soon as you notice any of the issues mentioned above, you should get in touch with a professional roofer to arrange for flat roof repairs services. Additionally, if your flat roof has been installed for 10 years or more and has not received sufficient maintenance care during the period, you may want to consider flat roof repairs as the surface could be damaged. Ideally, you want to carry out maintenance cleaning and checks twice a year with a flat roof with a specialist roofer. As flat roofs require a lot of attention to preserve the integrity of your home structure, we, at Azza’s Roofing, carry out flat roof repairs and checks for over 20 years. We make it our mission to keep your roof in the best possible conditions.

What can you expect from expert flat roof repairs?
As your roofer of choice, we provide a selection of modern and lasting materials for green roofing, including EPDM rubber and fibreglass. Over our career, we’ve seen a variety of flat roofs and successfully faced many flat roof repairs challenges. That’s why we can promise you high-quality repairs you can trust. We are also only a phone call away to advise you on the best solution for your budget and your flat roof style.

Fix roof leaks before it’s too late with our flat roof repairs services in the Walsall area.