Self-adhesive roof felt

Self-adhesive roof felt

You Need Self-Adhesive Roof Felt At Home

Whether you’re in the process of considering renovating your old roof structure, extending your home, or even adding a porch entrance, roof felt is going to be a major part of your roofing plans. Indeed, self-adhesive roof felt is an essential addition to any roof repair or installation work that needs to be carried out.
However, for homeowners, the function of your roof felt can be a little obscure at first. Understanding when to use it and what it provides is crucial when it comes to budgeting and managing your roofing project. We, at Azza’s Roofing, are professional roofers in the Walsall area, dedicated to helping our clients gain a better understanding of their roofs. Indeed, the more you know about your roof, the better you can take care of it and maintain it for longer.
Self-adhesive roof felt is a favourite
Regardless of your roofing project and installation, self-adhesive roof felt is a favourite material for both professionals and amateurs. Indeed, the advantage of the felt is that it is easy to install. Unlike non-adhesive roof felt that requires specialist glue, the self-adhesive felt has a peelable film on the bottom that, once removed, allows the felt to self-bond to the surface.
For DIY enthusiasts who love a hands-on approach, self-adhesive roof felt enables them to prepare for the roof installation. While it isn’t recommended for amateurs to fix or install their own roof, if you still decide to do, self-adhesive roof felt is the right material for you.
For professional roofers, the material allows rapid installations, which can make a big difference on large residential projects!

Why do I need self-adhesive roofing felt?
We use self-adhesive roof felt for a variety of roof shapes, including flat roofs and inverted V roofs. Indeed, the felt can serve many purposes, such as:

It helps smooth the surface when the roof deck isn’t straight
It protects the deck when roofers install tingles or shingles on a span roof
It prevents water patches and wet watermarks on flat roofs
It adds a protective layer against wet weather conditions and blocks excess moisture
It keeps the roof dry from water build-ups that come from inside the house (cooking, breathing, etc.)

The things your self-adhesive roof felt doesn’t do
Your self-adhesive roof felt isn’t a solution that keeps the roof waterproof at all times. Indeed, on span roofs, the felt is likely to be punctured by nails as roofers install shingles. As such, there are other protective measures and layers that will be added by professionals to keep your home dry.
Similarly, for flat roofs, while the self-adhesive roof felt protects your roof from excess moisture, it doesn’t guarantee the absence of leaks, cracks, or damage to the surface. Therefore, we, at Azza’s Roofing, recommend our clients to run maintenance checks on their flat roofs twice yearly – and only once a year for invested V roofs. If you are worried about weatherproofing your roof effectively, we are happy to discuss options including self-adhesive roof felt – bit not limited to it – with you.

Get in touch now to arrange for the installation of a protective self-adhesive roof felt to keep your home dry.